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Print Estimating Software

Our print estimating software - ROBO Print Job Manager will drive your estimating to the next level. This software is powerful, yet not over the top for job estimating, quotes, job sheets and print job management using both offset presses & digital printers. For digital print estimating only, please checkout our other product ROBO Digital Print Job Manager.

A client can order up to 6 differing items i.e. Business cards, Letterheads etc.

Each print job may have up to 3 different run quantities, and should a estimated job go ahead the estimate or quote can be converted to a job, and further paperwork can be generated.

For a free 30 day trial, please press the button below:

With the software up to 12 different customized documents can be created using variables from the quotes and jobs. ROBO Print Job Manager can help your company by reducing the amount of time taken in estimating, quoting and preparing customized documents i.e. Invoices, Job Sheets, & Quotes.

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Installation/Uninstallation Details

To view the End User Lisense Agreement, please click here

Please note ROBO Print Job Manager works with an operating system of Windows XP or later. To download a free 30 day trial version, please click on the \"Download\" button. To purchase the software, please click on the \"Purchase\" button. Please note the prices quoted are one off costs.

Also please note if you need to uninstall this software, the software comes with a packaged uninstaller. To access the uninstaller, this is available from the program menu under ROBO Bill of Materials, after pressing the start button on the bottom left hand corner.

  • Cost effective management solution
  • For offset presses and digital printers
  • Up to 6 different sub jobs e.g. letterheads, business cards
  • Estimates for up to 3 different runs
  • Can be configured for local taxes
  • Create quotes, job sheets & invoices
  • Create & edit custom paperwork
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Full customization for your business
  • Easy to locate existing orders
  • Auto totaling with instant feedback
  • Built in client address book
ROBO Print Job Manager | ROBO Digital Print Job Manager | Screenshots | Contact Details | EULA | Links | Print Estimating
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